frequently asked questions


Q. What are your hours of operation?
A. We are open Monday- Thursday from 10 AM – 6 PM or Saturday 1 PM- 4 PM

Q. What is your contact information?
A. Phone: (229) 329-1094 Email: info@sidenassewingandalterations.com Website: www.sidenassewingandalterations.com Address: 2226 Palmyra Road, Albany, Georgia 31701

Q. Are you on Facebook or Instagram?
A. Facebook: @sidenassewing Instagram: @sidenassewing

Q. Do I need an appointment?
A. No appointment is necessary, all walk-ins are welcome!

Q. What type of payments do you accept?
A. We accept cash, checks, all major credit/debit cards and cash app.

Q. How long is your turnaround for alterations?
A. Normally, your items will be completed within a week of the drop off date.

Q. What is your policy for items left to long?
A. All items left over 30 days after a minimum of 3 attempts to pick up said items have been made late fee will be added or your items will be sold for the balance of the alterations performed.

Q. Does Sidena’s offer same Day service?
A. Yes, we offer same day service on alterations only, with a minimum of $10 added to your total bill. The same day fee increases if the service required is beyond a normal scope as determined by Sidena’s.

Q. What are your prices on your alterations?
A. Please see our Service tab on our website at www.sidenassewinandalterations.com for specifics. For any alterations not listed please call or stop by our shop for pricing.

Q. Does Sidena’s offer Monogram or embroidery services?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you perform alterations on purses/book bags?
A. Sidena’s no longer offers alterations on purses, book bags, etc. This includes the replacement of zippers and repair of straps.


Q. How much do you charge for alterations on prom, wedding, or formal gowns?
A. Due to the design and complexity of formal wear, we do not offer exact pricing until we have seen and in many cases altered the gown. All alterations on gowns begin at $30 and up. The price can increase based on fabric including but not limited to dresses with boning, beading, sequin, etc. The price is also determined by the number of layers and the overall yardage having to be altered.


Q. If I wanted something made from scratch, what do I need?
A. The easiest and most cost-effective way to have a garment made by Sidena’s is to bring in your own pattern. By this, we can direct you on the type of cloth, amount of fabric, pricing, and so on.

The client is responsible for picking out and purchasing the fabric, sewing notions, and supplies needed for the garment.

For all made garments a deposit of 20%-50% of the total bill is due before the project is started.

Q. Can you make garments by seeing a picture?
A. Yes, but your cost significantly increases because we have to draft /design a pattern in order to give you your desired look. Our rate for drafting / designing a pattern can range anywhere from $25 and up. The price increases as the number of pattern pieces and the complexity of the design increase. Photos submitted must be presented with a front and back view.

Q. What if my alterations are not like I want them?
A. Sidena’s stands behind the quality of our work! We are not satisfied until you are! Anytime you pick up alterations or a made garment produced by Sidena’s you always have the option to try your garments on to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, in the event that you do not have the time to try it on you have two weeks to return the garment for correction with no additional charge to you as long as the correction is related to the original alterations performed by Sidena’s.

This means if you return the garment for a different alteration, that visit is treated as a new visit and will be charged accordingly.


Q. Do you offer sewing classes?
A. Yes, we offer sewing classes at $40 per lesson for 3 hours each session. Payment is due prior to the start of class. Our classes are offered on Saturdays from 1 PM -4 PM.

Q. What do I need for the sewing class?
A. You will need the following;
• Sewing Machine – Your machine must be portable with a zipper foot and capable of making a buttonhole
• Sewing Kit – Your kit must include scissors, pins, pin cushion. Tape measures and chalk or tracing pencil
• 1- 12 Inch Ruler

Q. What will I learn in class?
A. Your lessons begin wherever your skill level begins. Your lessons can consist of a combination of any of the following; (If you do not see what you are interested in just let us know.)
• Learning Your Sewing Machine
• Using Your Machine (Different Foots)
• How to Take Measurements?
• How to Sew on Fabrics (cloth)
• The Type of Pattern you Should Pick Out
• How to Read a Pattern?
• How to Cut Out a Pattern?
• How to Layout your Patterns?
• How to Hem with your Hand?
• How to Base Hem?
• Learn Gathering
• Learn Pleating
• Put in Dots
• Stay Stitch
• Making Button Holes
• Putting in Zippers