About Us


The story of Sidena’s Sewing & Alterations is the story of our founder, Gloria Smith.

Gloria Smith grew up in a poor but loving family in Adel, Georgia.  There were 15 people staying in her home as a child, which included her mother, Lucille, grandmother, Lillie, as well as a host of children comprised of brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. As you can imagine, life was both colorful and rough for Gloria.

She began sewing by hand in the fourth grade. She continued progressing, and in the sixth grade, she made her very first, full outfit by hand for a 4-H Club competition. While she was excited about the competition and her completion of her garment, she was, unfortunately, disqualified because it was sown by hand and not with a machine.  As a result, she worked with her grandmother in the cotton fields until she earned enough money to purchase her very first sewing machine.

In 1985, Gloria became a professional seamstress. Gloria’s first shop was called Designer’s Custom Boutique. In 1987, she began to design custom draperies on location. It was also at this time that Gloria gave birth to her only daughter and baby of three children, Sidena. Moreover, to better serve her customers and to promote public awareness of her designs, she established a business in July of 1990, which she affectionately named Sidena’s.

While Sidena’s has been in operations in the Albany, Georgia area for over 27 years, Gloria has over 50 years of professional sewing and fashion designing experience. Her experience has not gone unnoticed as Sidena’s is well rooted in the community she serves. The business is so much a part of the community, Gloria was selected to be FBLA’s Region 1 Business Person of the Year in 2004. Owner, Gloria Smith, under the umbrella of Sidena’s, has taught sewing classes at the local Boys and Girls Club, Inc. and Girls, Inc.  Gloria’s experience of teaching extends to those with special needs as well. In 2013, Gloria Smith was named Volunteer of the Year for teaching sewing classes for The Albany Advocacy Resource Center (or ARC) whose primary focus is supporting people with disabilities.

Specializing in custom designs of ladies and children clothing, accessories, alterations of various sorts, sewing classes, sewing seminars and all sewing needs, it is the goal of Sidena’s to continually impact her local community, to extend her brand name and to provide a wider range of products for the general public.


We Are Sidena’s!

Sidena’s Sewing & Alterations is a family owned and operated business that works hard to satisfy the needs of her clients.


Gloria Smith, Founder/CO-owner, Seamstress & Fashion Designer

Greetings, I am Gloria Smith, and I love sewing; it is my passion! At an early age, I became interested in sewing. Various classes in home economics (when home economics was more involved) helped me to develop my interest in sewing into a skill. After developing my skills, I sewed for many people in my community and surrounding areas. To enhance my skill, I attended Professional Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

There, I learned how to sketch sewing designs and make window displays of custom draperies. I also learned about fashion marketing and pricing. Initially, I opened my local shop to serve people that were obese to provide them with beautiful, flattering and comfortable custom apparel. Because I have always had a desire to teach and impart the knowledge that I have into all that will listen, Sidena’s later became an outlet for me to instruct people on how to sew, allowing them to always have the ability to clothe themselves. Sewing is a useful skill that has transformed my life. So, come and visit me and allow our hands to work for you!

Sidena Smith, Co-Owner, Operations Manager & Seamstress

Greetings! I am Sidena Smith, and I am the daughter of an awesome, dedicated seamstress and fashion designer! My mother, Gloria Smith has been teaching me how to sew since I was six years old.  She not only started me out sewing using a toy-like sewing machine, but my brothers were taught as well on the same instrument. Of course, my brothers did not stick with the sewing, but I, on the other hand, much like my mother, had a natural attraction to sewing and picked it up fairly quickly.

Everything I know and continue to learn about sewing I have learned from my mother. I have an eye for fashion, and I am not afraid to use it! I co-design with my mother on many projects. I serve as her assistant and the team manager.  Sidena’s is our business; it is my mother’s dream and passion, but it is my namesake and legacy. At Sidena’s, we believe in good business and pleasing our customers. Sidena’s Sewing & Alterations is here for all your sewing needs, so stop by and allow our hands to serve you.